1099 Composites for Schwab Intelligent Portfolios accounts will be available online beginning in February. To access them, log in and select "Statements and Documents" from the menu, then "Tax Documents". If you would like a paper copy, you can print from there. 1099 Composites are not mailed.

You can also access tax documents for your Schwab Intelligent Portfolios and other Schwab accounts on Schwab.com by going to Statements & Reports, then "Tax Forms". 

The table below outlines the tax forms you may receive.

Tax Preparation Forms and Key Dates

Form Account Type Description Expected Availability
1099 Composite Brokerage accounts This form may include IRS Forms(s) 1099DIV, 1099INT, 1099MISC, 1099B, and 1099OID, depending on your situation. Early February and/or late February* Paperless
1099R Retirement accounts This form reports distributions from IRA and Roth IRA accounts. Mid to late January Paperless
5498 Retirement accounts This form reports your IRA contributions made by your tax filing deadline. Mid to late May Paperless
1042S This form reports certain income (except gross proceeds from sales) earned from U.S. sources by a nonresident alien, whether or not that income is subject to tax or any tax is withheld. The information on this form is furnished to the IRS and, for Canadian residents, may also be furnished to the Canadian government. Late February Mailed

*In an attempt to reduce the potential for corrected 1099s:

     • If your account contains securities for which Schwab has all the necessary tax information, you will receive a
        notification that your 1099 Composite is available online in early February. 
     • For accounts that contain at least one investment for which the issuer can't provide information in time, you will
        receive a notification that your 1099 Composite is available online in late February.

Despite attempts to reduce corrected forms, if Schwab receives updated information due to income reclassification from securities issuers after your Form(s) 1099 has been delivered, we’re required by the IRS to provide you a corrected tax form with the revisions clearly highlighted. Please be aware that the issuers of your securities may reclassify the income from your securities any time after Schwab has provided your original Form(s) 1099.
Your Form(s) 1099 and cost basis information will be available for download in late February.

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