Schwab Intelligent Portfolios® is better. Here’s why:

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios is an automated investment advisory service that builds, monitors, and rebalances your portfolio—without charging any advisory fees, commissions, or account service fees. And you can get started with as little as $5,000 to invest.

Plus it’s backed by The Charles Schwab Corporation, a company that’s trusted with over $2 trillion in assets and that has a 40-year history of innovation.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Wealthfront
Advisory Fees*



assets up to $10k


assets over $10k

Number of Asset Classes in a Portfolio Up to


Up to


Live Service Support 24/7 Yes No
Tax-Loss Harvesting Yes Yes

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Important Disclosures

Competitor data sourced from as of 07/06/2017 and is subject to change without notice.

*Schwab Intelligent Portfolios charges no advisory fee. Schwab affiliates do earn revenue from the underlying assets in Schwab Intelligent Portfolios accounts. This revenue comes from providing advisory and other services to Schwab Exchange-Traded Funds™ (ETFs) and providing services relating to certain third-party ETFs that can be selected for the portfolio, and from the cash feature on the accounts. Revenue may also be received from the market centers where ETF trade orders are routed for execution.

†An asset class is a group of investments such as stocks and bonds that are further separated by characteristics such as geography, market capitalization, level of risk, type of issuer, and strategy.

Tax-loss harvesting is available for clients with invested assets of $50,000 or more in their Schwab Intelligent Portfolios account. Clients must enroll to receive this service.